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We have added documentation and f.a.q. for the most common issues and questions which arise during installation and configuration. Please contact support for assistance if needed.

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You can install the free version in your WordPress dashboard under Plugins > Add New > and search for WP Search Insights. If you want to install via FTP, you can download the .zip file on wpsearchinsights.com.

After downloading the .zip, you can upload the file under Plugins > Add New > Upload. After installing, activate WP Search Insights and you’re done!

Search forms are standard in WordPress and should be used by anyone to improve user experience. Recording visitors searches will give you insight into what your visitors are looking for, from which page, and what post is most relevant for their query. Analyzing this data will make your website a better fit for your next visitors!

Yes. Under settings you can clear your database searches. This cannot be overturned. Deleting single search queries can be removed from the dashboard by using the ‘delete’ option.

We are working on an Add-on that integrates with Akismet. For now only basic spam protection is included, for example similar repeating queries in less than 5 seconds are filtered. If you want to exclude Admin searches, please go to the settings tab and choose ‘exclude Admin searches’.

Yes, and please do! After our first release we will keep adding new features to free and develop premium add-ons to complement the data recorded by WP Search Insights. 

We don’t have a premium add-on, yet! Our first add-on will be an Anti-Spam integration with Akismet. We will also be working on creating add-ons for WooCommerce, Analytics tools and Optimizing your search form on the front-end.